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Run Tempest test suite

Run all tempest tests:

navigate to the tempest folder in your root directory and run the command


Run Service-specific API tests:

if you want to run API tests on a specific service (Nova, Cinder, … etc), the syntax is as follows:

./ tempest.api.$service_type$

where service_type can be compute, volume, image … etc. You can also:

  • specify the API version by adding .v1 or .v2 … etc.
  • add .admin after service_type to run admin tests only

Run a smaller group of tests:

In order to do this easily, know the tests’ directory path. For example, say we want to run Nova tests on servers. We know these tests are located in tempest/api/compute/servers. Then, the command will be:

./ tempest.api.compute.servers

And say we want to run tests from that directory:

./ tempest.api.compute.servers.test_instance_actions

And so on!

Run a single test:

In, there are two tests. if we want to run only one of them, we do the following:

./ tempest.api.service_type.file_name.class_name.test_method_name

So to run test_list_instance_actions, which is a test method in

./ tempest.api.compute.servers.test_instance_actions.InstanceActionsTestJSON.test_list_instance_actions

Run Scenario tests:

./ tempest.scenario

More options!

to get the list from the command line, run ./ --help

  • -V, –virtual-env Always use virtualenv. Install automatically if not present
  • -N, –no-virtual-env Don’t use virtualenv. Run tests in local environment
  • -n, –no-site-packages Isolate the virtualenv from the global Python environment
  • -f, –force Force a clean re-build of the virtual environment. Useful when dependencies have been added.
  • -u, –update Update the virtual environment with any newer package versions
  • -s, –smoke Only run smoke tests
  • -t, –serial Run testr serially
  • -C, –config Config file location
  • -h, –help Print this usage message
  • -d, –debug Run tests with testtools instead of testr. This allows you to use PDB
  • – [TESTROPTIONS] After the first ‘–’ you can pass arbitrary arguments to testr

Run Tempest unit tests

this has been deprecated, and will be removed in the new release.