Deathstar: 1 desktop with 32 GB memory, 2 nics, public and private network. Will run the following VMs (description of VM configuration, Deathstar IPs:

  • moc-dhcp: PXE server, see Ubuntu PXE boot image and PXE-tftp-dhcp-server-setup
  • moc-nova: Puppet master and Openstack Control Node (with all services other than nova-compute)
  • moc-nfs: NFS file server
  • moc-gateway: gateway for NAT’ed compute nodes

Compute Nodes: 6 Optiplex desktops with 4 GB ram each, 2 nics, private network. Will run only Openstack compute.

  • nat-ed to the outside world through Deathstar.
  • Step 1: set up with nova-network. Step 2: set up with quantum networking
  • Ramdisk for operating system
    • If openstack is too big, put more on local storage, or ISCSI to file server?
  • Openstack Instances ephemeral storage stored on local disk.
  • See compute node bios settings: Optiplex Configuration __

PXE Server

  • BCCD install on KVM instance bridged to the private network.
  • Points to NFS file system.