Getting Started Guide For New Users

Welcome to the team! This document is a checklist of things you should do to get up to speed.

Getting Access To Infrastructure

We use various online tools as part of our process. Make sure you’re set up with them:

  • Make sure you have accounts on Github, Bitbucket and Trello and email about being added to the organization and the right teams.
  • Get on our mailing lists. There are two of them, both on Google Groups:
    • moc-technical, which we use for technical discussions. This is a public mailing list which anyone can join without approval (including you, so go sign up!)
    • moc-developers, which is private – you can use the same interface to request to be added to the group, and someone will have to approve you.
  • We have an IRC channel, #moc on freenode. You should be hanging out in there whenever you’re working. If you don’t already have an IRC client you prefer, we recommend Pidgin for Linux and Windows, and Adium for Mac OS X.
  • Get an ssh public key to one of the sysadmins, which you will use to log in to our servers.

Getting Acquainted With our Development Process:

The moc-public repository on our Github provides some additional documentation of interest, in particular there is a document about our development workflow.