1) Core Usage -> I am just using the default.
    --> can set the env var GOMAXPROCS to 1 to just use 1 core.

2) https://docs.openshift.com/enterprise/3.0/install_config/install/prerequisites.html (Security Warning).  certain docker opertions are done using root
    so this needs to be limited to admins perhaps contained within a project.

3) DNS  *.cloudapps.example.com. 300 IN A  (need to modify this)

4) A shared network must exist between master and node hosts
    --> this may limit a general instance to one project, and instances for private data to individual projects.

5) Ensure SELinix is enabled:   ---> this seems to be the default for RHEL7

    ----- /etc/selinux/config   ------
    SELINUX = enforcing

6) *** need to register with RHSM  ***
    subscription-manager list --available --matches '*OpenShift*'
    subscription-manager attach --pool=8a85f98156bddb7e0156be94a84d091a
    subscription-manager repos --disable="*"
    yum-config-manager --disable \*
    subscription-manager repos --enable="rhel-7-server-rpms"\