1.Add a new vlan id, for example 300

snmpset -v1 -cadmin i 300 is the OID for portVlanId

2.Set the new vlan id status as “createAndGo(4)”,initially it is notReady, and won’t allow you to add ports to it.

snmpset -v1 -cadmin i 4 is the OID for portVlanStatus The values are as follows active(1), notInService(2), notReady(3), createAndGo(4), createAndWait(5), destroy(6)

So, similarly

snmpset -v1 -cadmin i 6

will remove vlan 300.

3.Add some untagPort to vlan

snmpset -v1 -cadmin s "1,3,5" is the OID for vlanUntagPortMemberAdd

Now we have a new vlan 300 with port 1,3,5 good to go.

Note: Mibble is a tool to parse MIB files.