• Salt cloud - usage and how it solves our purpose.
  • a Saltstack offering that can connect with a cloud service provider like OpenStack, AWS etc. - provision the VM
    - configure them for Salt
    - federate it to the salt cluster
  • Post this, the VM is ready for configuration using salt recipes
  • no explicit steps are required for setting up the VM to run salt recipes
  • Chris asked the system admins there for their reviews on salt-cloud. However, no reviews were available at that point.
  • SSH issue while using salt cloud and its resolution
  • check imposed on the number of SSH between a VM pair over internal network.
  • blocked the deploy script run by salt-cloud for VM configuration as there were multiple SSH involved in it.

Update Rado/Rahul fixed this by disabling the check on internal network.

  • Salt installation for master and minions(slaves) and its working

    • Installing Saltstack and configuring master and minions to form a cluster
    • running the recipes to configure the nodes.

    Refer wiki on this.

  • Salt cloud config files
    Salt-cloud requires a set of config files for

  • providers
  • VM profiles
  • VM instance specific configurations required during the provisioning of VMs. Salt wiki contains more details on this.
  • Config recipes
    some existing recipes used on Engaging-1 cluster to configure nodes for Slurm and OSG containing the packages to be installed, user, groups, paths and soft links to be created
  • mghpcc repo - provided access to Chris’ mghpcc git repository for reference


  • Explore salt-cloud and provision VMs once the issue with SSH blocking is resolved.
    provision VM using salt cloud and check if they are configured and federated with salt-master
  • Run config recipes, with required modifications, on a VM for Slurm and OSG compute nodes provisioned using salt-cloud on OpenStack