Instructions for Creating a New Dashboard

By taking (graphs,Table,list etc) from other dashboards in Grafana.


Grafana is a visualisation tool, which takes input from any data source such as influxdb, to provide a neat visualization and analyse those metrics.

In grafana we often create a dashboard to collect metrics (cpu usage, memory and disk usage) for our compute nodes.

In this wiki we will create a new dashboard,see how to copy the graphs from other dashboards to the newly created dashboard and delete the created dashboard.

Create a dashboard

  • Initially we need to connect to the grafana production server ( and create a new dashboard (click new) and save it with a name ex:vinay.

Copy .json from other dashboard

  • To copy the graphs from other dashboards we can just go to the required dashboard from the drop down menu to see the list of all the dashboards (ex:MOC-NEU Network dasboard) and copy that panel .json file (here i just took compute node 25,26 panel.json files). Click on the graph to see the panel options.

Paste .json to your dashboard

  • Then we go back to the newly created created dashboard (in this case vinay) to update the panel .json file and save it.

Delete the Created dashboard

  • Finally after pasting the graphs from other dashboards if you want to delete the created dashboard then, click on settings to delete it.