Northeastern Cluster

Instructions for Accessing Northeastern Cluster


NEU Equipment Sign-Out

    • Cisco UCS C220 M3 SSF (x48). See this file for list of configuration components.
    • numbers 1-24 in rack 17, 25-48 in rack 19. Numbered from bottom of rack up.
    • More information specific to the Cisco UCS C220 nodes
    • Internal Storage
      • All nodes have a single 300GB drive in slot 1
      • These nodes also have an additional 1TB drive in slot 2: node 6, nodes 14-24, nodes 39-47
      • Node 48 (the haas master) has 3 additional 1TB drives
    • IPMI access VM Setup for Cisco IPMI Access
    • There is also a SuperMicro emergency box
      • default IPMI credentials: see bitwarden Kaizen Default SuperMicro Credentials
    • Cisco Nexus 5672 (x2)
    • More information at Cisco Switches (NEU cluster)
    • Servers are connected to the switch ports in order
      • on switch R3-C17, server 1 connects to port 1, server 2 to port 2, and so on up to server 24 to port 24.
      • on switch R3-C19, server 25 connects to port 1, server 48 to port 24.
  • STORAGE Fujitsu CD10000
  • Networks Northeastern Cluster Network Documentation


Misc. errors/problems




(5 Aug. 2016)

The top connections between R3-C17 and R3-C19 switches (VLAN3) are not being used (configured) right now. Thus, it would be possible to reclaim two ports from each of the two switches.