Kaizen Baremetal Accounts

This document covers how to get people setup with HIL and BMI.

FreeIPA account

Users need to login the BMI host (kaizenbm.massopen.cloud) because:

  • This host is connected to the provisioning VLAN, which means that this acts as the gateway for their baremetal nodes. (Optional: The VPN service can also connect users to the bmi provisioning vlan.)
  • They run bmi commands from this host (BMI’s client/server separation is screwed up).
  1. Create a freeipa account for the user $USERNAME.
  2. Add the user to the user group kzn-frontend-users on freeipa. This gives them access BMI host
  3. On the BMI host login as the user so that it creates their home directoy. run sudo su -l $USERNAME.

HIL and BMI account

  1. Login to the BMI host. Make sure you have sudo permission on this host.
naved::~$ssh kaizenbm.massopen.cloud -l rado
Warning: remote port forwarding failed for listen port 52698
Last login: Thu Nov 21 14:41:29 2019 from
[rado@kzn-vbmi01res ~]$
  1. Switch user to naved because his acocunt has passwordless sudo which is required for running the scripts. sudo su -l naved.
[rado@kzn-vbmi01res ~]$ sudo su -l naved
Last login: Thu Nov 21 14:41:33 EST 2019 on pts/2
You are naved
[naved@kzn-vbmi01res ~]$ ls bmi-automation/
create-account.sh  insert-key.sh
[naved@kzn-vbmi01res ~]$ ls becomeadmin
  1. source ~/becomeadmin to source HIL admin credentials.
[naved@kzn-vbmi01res ~]$ source becomeadmin
[naved@kzn-vbmi01res ~]$ cd bmi-automation/
[naved@kzn-vbmi01res bmi-automation]$
  1. Run ./create-account.sh $PROJECTNAME $USERNAME. $USERNAME must be the same as the FreeIPA username. This script will:
  • create a HIL and BMI account (project and user).
  • put the HIL credentials in the users bashrc /home/$USERNAME/.bashrc.
  • A message in their bashrc that tells them their project name.

BMI Images

  1. Set $KEY environment variable to their ssh public key.
export KEY='ssh-rsa blabhalbh-blah...
  1. Run ./insert-key.sh $PROJECT_NAME $IMAGE_NAME

This script will:

  • Import a bootable image into their bmi project.
  • and then insert their key into it.
  1. List of available images (value for $IMAGE_NAME)
  • rhel7-201811 - 25 Gigs
  • rhel7-201811-50G - 50 Gigs
  • centos7-201811 - 25 Gigs
  • centos7-100G - 100 Gigs
  • fedora30-201907 - 25 Gigs
  • fedora30-201907-100G - 100 Gigs
  • ubuntu18-201811-100G - 100 Gigs

By default give users the larger images (otherwise it’s a pain to rbd resize their volumes later on)

Tell users to read the manual.