Kaizen Networks

This documents lists out all hosts on all Kaizen VLANs.

Public Neu (VLAN 127)

  • Subnet:

IP Address       Hostname/Description       Router IP (on cisco switch) (Highly Available)       Router IP (on cisco switch)       Router IP (on cisco switch)       kzn-hil-client.infra.massopen.cloud      dns server for openshift subdomains (openapp.cloud, mocapps.cloud, massopen.cloud test subdomains)      dns server for massopen.cloud      dhcp1.cnv.massopen.cloud      dhcp2.cnv.massopen.cloud     ov1.massopen.cloud     ov2.massopen.cloud     ov3.massopen.cloud ** is local only     ovirt.massopen.cloud (Web interface)     kzn-ipmi-gw.infra.massopen.cloud     kzn-rtr.infra.massopen.cloud (for all subnets)     kzn-ssh.infra.massopen.cloud     mochat.infra.massopen.cloud (shared repo server)     kzn-nagios.infra.massopen.cloud     rhel-6-repomirror.massopen.cloud     wl.massopen.cloud (to be deleted)     tld.massopen.cloud     freeipa.infra.massopen.cloud     dns.massopen.cloud     helpdeskvm.massopen.cloud (to be deleted)     massopen.cloud     reports.infra.massopen.cloud (to be deleted)     kzn-ipmi2-gw.infra.massopen.cloud     kzn-hil.massopen.cloud (to be deleted)     kzn-ovpn.massopen.cloud     zabbix.massopen.cloud     rz.massopen.cloud (Research Zabbix, to be deleted)     mondata.massopen.cloud (to be deleted)     elk.massopen.cloud (powered off, so ping won't respond)     promtest.infra.massopen.cloud (to be deleted)     kumo-hil-client.infra.massopen.cloud (because BU network is down).     esi-undercloud.massopen.cloud     esi-controller-0.massopen.cloud     esi-controller-1.massopen.cloud     esi-controller-2.massopen.cloud     esi-vip     sso1.massopen.cloud (name resolves to CSAIL address)     sso2.massopen.cloud (name resolves to CSAIL address)    sso.massopen.cloud (VIP)     new-esi-undercloud.massopen.cloud     new-esi-controller-0.massopen.cloud     new-esi-controller-1.massopen.cloud     new-esi-controller-2.massopen.cloud     new-esi-vip

Public BU (VLAN 105)

  • Subnet:

IP Address       Hostname/Description     default gateway   ov3.massopen.cloud (though this name resolves to

CSAIL-10 (VLAN 10)

  • Subnet:

IP Address       Hostname/Description      default gateway      Start: CSAIL Reserved     End: CSAIL Reserved     Start: MOC Infrastructure reserved     End: MOC Infrastructure reserved     ocp-prod cluster: API Virtual IP     ocp-prod cluster: Ingress Virtual IP    Start: OCP-PROD openshift cluster Tenant IP (    End: OCP-PROD openshift cluster Tenant IP (    Start: CSAIL DHCP (    End: CSAIL DHCP (      Alan Liu Network Research Machine (liu-netmon.massopen.cloud)
128.52.63.[1-16] Allocated for OKD cluster in OCT4

IPMI network: (VLAN 1 on 1G network, untagged)

  • IP assignment: 10.0.rack-number.u(nit)-number, servers bigger than 1 U get the lowest U number, numbering increases from bottom to top.

  • 10.0.0.X (X froom 1 to 255, 255 is valid because prefix is 19) (for VMs that can be anywhere)

IP Address       Hostname/Description         kzn-ipmi-gw.infra.massopen.cloud         kzn-cacti         kzn-hil-server.infra.massopen.cloud         kzn-nagios.infra.massopen.cloud         zabbix.massopen.cloud         kzn-ipmi2-gw.infra.massopen.cloud ***ON 1GB VLAN 2 TAGGED ***         switchback.massopen.cloud (The host that backs up switch configurations).         promtest.massopen.cloud (Test promotheus instance. Talk to Lars/Naved about it).       kzn-h.infra.massopen.cloud       ov3.massopen.cloud/kzn-e.massopen.cloud over BU public IPs from Kumo       ov2.massopen.cloud      ov1.massopen.cloud

IPMI network (VLAN 911, for accessing OCT/Umass nodes):

There’s dnsmasq on kzn-ipmi-gw.infra.massopen.cloud to serve IPs to UMass nodes’ BMCs.

IP Address       Hostname/Description         kzn-ipmi-gw.infra.massopen.cloud         maas.massopen.cloud         kzn-zabbix        INTEL-1        INTEL-2        INTEL-3        Dynamic Range Start       Dynamic Range Stop        OCT4-00        OCT4-01        OCT4-02        OCT4-03        OCT4-04        OCT4-05        OCT4-06        OCT4-07        OCT4-08        OCT4-09       OCT4-10       OCT4-11 (NODE BROKEN)       OCT4-12       OCT4-13       OCT4-14       OCT4-15       OCT4-16       OCT4-17

IPMI network (VLAN 912, for accessing OCT/Umass nodes for operatre first):

There’s dnsmasq on kzn-ipmi-gw.infra.massopen.cloud to serve IPs to UMass nodes’ BMCs.

IP Address       Hostname/Description         kzn-ipmi-gw.infra.massopen.cloud         maas.massopen.cloud        Dynamic Range Start       Dynamic Range Stop         OCT3-00         OCT3-01         OCT3-02         OCT3-03         OCT3-04         OCT3-05         OCT3-06         OCT3-07         OCT3-08         OCT3-09        OCT3-10        OCT3-11        OCT3-12        OCT3-13        OCT3-14        OCT3-15        OCT3-16        OCT3-17        OCT3-18 (NODE BROKEN)        OCT3-19        OCT3-20        OCT3-21        OCT3-22        OCT3-23        OCT3-24        OCT3-25        OCT3-26        OCT3-27        OCT3-28        OCT3-29        OCT3-30 (NODE BROKEN)        OCT3-31        OCT10-00        OCT10-01        OCT10-02        OCT10-03        OCT10-04        OCT10-05        OCT10-06

OCT/Umass Switch Management (VLAN 207):

IP Address       Hostname/Description         kzn-ipmi-gw        OCT1 10G switch (Dell S4048-ON)        OCT2 10G switch (Dell S4048-ON)        OCT3 10G switch (Dell S4048-ON)        OCT4 10G switch (Dell S4048-ON)        OCT5 25G switch (Dell S5048F-ON)        OCT5 1G Management Switch (Dell S3048-ON)       oct-hub-1 (Dell Z9100-ON, R6-PB-C02)       oct-hub-2 (Dell Z9100-ON, R6-PB-C02)       oct-hub-3 (Dell Z9100-ON, R1-PC-C12)       oct-hub-4 (Dell Z9100-ON, R1-PC-C12)

New England Storage Exchange (NESE) (VLAN 211):

Note: In order to connect to NESE, add the following routes.

- to:
- to:
- to:
IP Address       Hostname/Description       NESE gateway

Production Ceph Cluster iSCSI (VLAN 213):

IP Address  Hostname/Description   neu-5-30-iscsi1   neu-3-30-vm-iscsi2

Ceph cluster/replication (VLAN 248)

  • Subnet:

IP Address       Hostname/Description    ov1    ov2    ov3  nfs-ha virtual ip  nfs1  nfs2

Ceph cluster/replication (VLAN 249)

  • Subnet:

IP Address  Hostname/Description

Ceph client (VLAN 250)

  • Subnet:

IP Address       Hostname/Description
#Range for Director -     kzn-osd01     kzn-osd02     kzn-osd03     kzn-osd04     kzn-osd05     kzn-osd06     kzn-osd07     kzn-osd08   kzn-cacti   RGW2   RGW1   kzn-mon1   kzn-mon2   kzn-mon3

?? nagios interface   neu-3-30-bmi2   kzn-vbmi01res.kzn.moc   kzn-vbmi01stack.kzn.moc   kzn-vbmi02res.kzn.moc   kzn-vbmi02stack.kzn.moc

Provision/SNMP network

  •, Undercloud network

  • both on (VLAN 201)

IP Address       Hostname/Description       kzn-router.infra.massopen.cloud       kzn-foreman.infra.massopen.cloud, kzn-foreman.moc.int       kzn-nagios.infra.massopen.cloud       kzn-undercloud.infra.massopen.cloud       kzn-ipmi-gw.infra.massopen.cloud       kzn-cacti       kzn-dns2     Start foreman DHCP range     End Foreman DHCP range

IP assignment - same as IPMI network. BMI has to configure additional tagged interface probably DHCP provided by Foreman

See rack numbers and details

Intranet: (VLAN 204)

IP Address       Hostname/Description      kzn-router.infra.massopen.cloud      kzn-hil-server.infra.massopen.cloud      kzn-hil-client.infra.massopen.cloud      kzn-vbmi01res.infra.massopen.cloud      kzn-cacti      kzn-nagios
  • Defauly gateway at connects to internet. Will be registered in HIL so nodes can access internet.

BMI Provisioning (VLAN 500)

  • dhcp-range=,,7d

IP Address       Hostname/Description       kzn-vbmi01res       kzn-vbmi02res       kzn-nagios.infra.massopen.cloud       kzn-ipmi-gw       kzn-rtr      kzn-rmon1      kzn-rmon2      kzn-rmon3     kzn-cacti

Stack BMI provision network: (VLAN 501)

IP Address       Hostname/Description       kzn-vbmi01stack       kzn-vbmi02stack       kzn-nagios.infra.massopen.cloud     kzn-cacti

CSAIL-3801 Public IPs; (VLAN 3801)

Statically assigned IPs on this network are:

IP Address       Hostname/Description      gateway      Start: MOC Infrastructure reserved     End: MOC Infrastructure reserved     Start: ESI floating IP    End: ESI floating IP

CSAIL-3803 Public IPs: (VLAN 3803)

This network is managed by our MaaS instance.

Statically assigned IPs on this network are:

IP Address       Hostname/Description      zabbix     kzn-ipmi-gw     sso1.massopen.cloud     sso2.massopen.cloud     sso.massopen.cloud (shared by sso1 and sso2)     freeipa2.maas.massopen.cloud     maas.massopen.cloud

Research Ceph (VLAN 252)

IP Address       Hostname/Description     kzn-rmon1 kzn-rmon1.infra.massopen.cloud     kzn-rmon2 kzn-rmon2.infra.massopen.cloud     kzn-rmon3 kzn-rmon3.infra.massopen.cloud     kzn-rtr.infra.massopen.cloud     kzn-zabbix

VPN range

Network connections

For 1 GB U number goes to the same port number.

For 10GB U1 goes to ports 1 and 2 on lower Brocade switch, U2 - ports 3,4 up to U20. U21 goes to ports 1,2 on upper switch and so on.

Lenovo Ceph - for IBM Power9 (VLAN 210 and 211)

VLAN 210 - VLAN 211 -